The Angels are in the middle of their Spring season with teams competing in the following age groups: 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u.  Our teams have done extremely well during the spring so far with multiple teams winning multiple tournaments.   The Angels have grown into an organization that is well respected and well known throughout Texas, and we don’t take this accolade lightly!!  WE believe we are always trying to do what we feel is the best for the player and the team.  angels-logo

This year marks our 5th full year as an organization, and this May we will have our largest graduating class to date heading off to College for the Fall of 2017.  We are PROUD to say that the Angels currently have 17 players committed to play college baseball!!!! This is a great accomplishment since this is only our second official graduating class!!  HARD WORK DOES PAY OFF FELLAS!!   I can proudly say that we are not done with this class and their commitments as of yet, we have a few players still trying to decide where they would like to continue to further their education and playing career.  As always best of luck to those families their sons.

In the upcoming weeks the program will have some EXCITING NEWS that will be announced that will change the landscape for our athletes present and future!!!!

Thank you to all who support the Angels and thank you to all our Families and players!!!


Josh Lee

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