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Class Listing Table

Here is our training template for McAllister Park
-There is a correction for training 13 (it should be hitting)
Diamond Spikes Location will be listed as:
22 – DS Training 5:00-6:15 and
23 – DS Training 6:15-7:30 on Monday’s

If you would like to setup family account without registering for training at this time, please click the Web Registration link below

If you have already created a Family Account, please access the Parent Portal through the link below…
– You will need to select “enroll in a class” on the drop down menu
– Then you will need to select “main” for the location
– There will be two pages of classes…all classes will be listed but they will not have the  description.  To view description, use the Class Listing Table Link at the top of this page.
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